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Eco Conference 2023

This year’s Eco Conference took place at Marlow Infant School on 7th March; it follows last year’s Eco-Conference success and the Electricity Free Day.
GMS is committed to developing successful global citizens by developing our relationship with our community and commerce locally, nationally and internationally.
Miss Addy took students, who had shown a dedicated commitment to the Eco-Schools project this academic year. At the end of the afternoon the following had been discussed:
    • The success of the introduction of pigs and chickens at Danesfield.
    • Roll-out of an Eco-Tip by every school, which would be shared and adapted by all the other schools as the ‘week-long’ eco focus.
    • Plant potato crops.
    • The possibility of growing and selling produce like vegetables to parents and carers.
    • Developing a sustainable schools’ travel app.
    • Setting up and conducting an energy survey of each school’s site with the aim to analyse wasted energy.
    • Investigate the installation of solar panels
    • Recycling books through a Book Fair: each school’s Eco representative would negotiate with library staff to see the plausibility of this.
    • Investigate the exciting possibility of turning plastic bottles to furniture
    • Reintroduce the Electricity Free Day on Friday 9th June.

Many thanks to Miss Addy as lead, and Ernest Ryterski for providing the minutes of the meeting.

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