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Dingbats-Staff House Competition

Alongside all the students working towards earning Housepoints for their House are the staff. There have been a series of Staff Inter House Competitions this term, the most recent was a Dingbat puzzle, a game that asks for a word or phrase represented by a picture – say what you see!

The House Leaders were delighted with the number of entries submitted by keen staff; very pleasing was the number of staff who were prepared to ‘give it a good go, even if they weren’t sure’.

The results are as follows for the Dingbats challenge:

  • Just edging out the top of the leaderboard are KITES with 31 extra house points.
  • 2nd place HAWKS with 26 house points.
  • 3rd place EAGLES with 16 house points.
Well done to Kites.
The next Staff Inter House Competition is TASKMASTER: staff have been asked to submit photos of one of the following:
– their best blue object
-their most extravagant, useless purchase
-their worst Christmas present.
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