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Curriculum Learning Ladders

Great Marlow School is proud of the curriculum offered to students, which is a reflection of the in-depth knowledge, skills and understanding that teachers plan and deliver throughout the school year.

To give parents, carers and students a greater understanding of the learning journey and the curriculum there has been an update made to the curriculum section of the website.

To access this important subject specific information, go to ‘Curriculum’ (from main menu at the top), select ‘Departments A-Z‘ and there you will have a selection of subjects to chose from. Most subject pages have a tab called ‘Learning Ladders’. When you open a ladder you will be able to see the learning journey the students undertake. Key Stage 3 and 4 (Years 7-11) are on one ladder, on a separate ladder is Key Stage 5 (Years 12 and 13).

The learning journey gives a flavour of what will be studied in each academic year. For further details, click on the year number to open up a more detailed breakdown of the subject material being studied in each half term. In addition, there is a range of resources offered to encourage and strengthen subject learning and offer a chance to be independent. Of course, this ambitious undertaking is still work in progress: there are Learning Ladders in the pipeline to be uploaded.

We know these learning ladders offer a greater understanding of the GMS curriculum, opening an opportunity for all parties to have conversations about the curriculum learning taking place.
For further specific information about a particular subject, please contact the Head of Department.

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