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Tanzania Charity

Here in GMS we support a charity that sponsors the schooling of children in Tanzania. We are delighted to hear that Martha, one of our children, is now in the first term of secondary school; in Tanzania there are two academic terms, commencing in January, so she is half way through her first year. She is doing quite well achieving Division III in her mid-term assessments.

We are saddened to hear that Martha’s father died at the end of 2021, possibly of Covid. Her brother, who was supported by the same charity, has graduated and is the head of the family supporting them financially, which means she has some stability at home.

Our point of contact is locally based Susie Roddick, who is a trustee of the charity.

We thank all who have donated to support these children because the money raised has made a huge difference to their lives.

To find out more about the charity the link is below.

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