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GMS an Eco-School

GMS is currently participating in the Eco-Schools programme, which has been designed to make students more environmentally aware by allowing them to deliver student-led environmental projects. There are currently 10 areas the Eco-Warriors are thinking about to make our school more Eco-Friendly.

Biodiversity – maintaining a high level of plant and animal life locally and globally. Much planting has been undertaken on the school site; plants are blooming and insects are being given sustenance.

Reducing energy use – turning off lights when they aren’t required and investigating greener energy sources.

Citizenship – taking an active role in the community and promoting a planet that is peaceful, sustainable and fair.

Healthy Living – using nature to improve mental and physical well-being.

Reducing litter – because litter harms wildlife and costs millions to clear every year.

Marine life – protecting and conserving water-based ecosystems.

Improving the school’s grounds – clearing litter, planting and taking care of what we have.

Transport – promoting and encouraging sustainable transport.

Waste – reducing, reusing, repairing and recycling as much as possible.

Water – valuing and preserving water, which is our most important natural resource.


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