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Year 7 Swim Scheme

After a successful six months of lessons, the Year 7 students, involved in the GMS Swim Scheme, have all shown great progress in both skill and confidence in the water. As their fitness and ability improved, they were able to perfect their stroke and breathing techniques. The students started the scheme as non, or weak, swimmers and are now able to swim up to 25m.
Drowning is still one of the most common causes of accidental death in young people. The scheme started in September 2015, following the tragic death of one of our Great Marlow School students. The aim of the scheme is to give all non-swimmers in Year 7 at GMS the opportunity to learn this essential life skill.
The students also learnt survival and life-saving skills. Through the scheme, they developed their proficiency and knowledge, and all students involved have shown tremendous perseverance and courage. The swimmers participated in some of their lessons in the deep end of the pool, completely out of their depth. The Year 7s overcame their fears and all made the effort to jump in and tread water during these more challenging sessions.

This year the Swim Scheme will start again after Easter, to ensure our current Year 8  cohort also have the opportunity to learn this vital life skill.

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