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Try this Recipe: Happy Eating

A new initiative from the Food Department at GMS, in conjunction with the Eco-Warriors environmental campaign, is a once-monthly ‘Healthy Food Recipe’. March 2022 sees the first recipe to go live on the website and it called Spring Chicken Pot Pie.

We thank C Stevens for her choice. She writes, “As spring is just around the corner, I have decided this month to do a seasonal food recipe. It is healthy and not too difficult to make … using seasonal foods.

Why a spring chicken pot pie you may ask? Well, I have decided to do this as I think it fits the theme of spring well and it is also much kinder on your wallet than some other recipes.”

The recipe is here to see, however, if you click on the link at the bottom of this page you can have a downloadable copy. Happy cooking and eating.


4-6 skinless, boneless chicken thighs

1 tbsp olive oil

100g smoked bacon lardons

2 leeks , sliced

3 tbsp plain flour

100ml white wine (or extra stock)

200ml chicken stock

200g crème fraîche

100g frozen or fresh podded peas

1½ tbsp Dijon mustard

small bunch of tarragon , chopped

1 egg , beaten

320g sheet puff pastry



Season the chicken thighs with some salt and pepper. Heat the oil in a heavy-based saucepan and fry the chicken for 3-4 mins on each side until lightly golden, then transfer to a plate. Add the bacon to the pan and fry for 5 mins until golden. Tip in the leeks and fry for another 5 mins.


Sprinkle the flour over the leeks and bacon, and stir until combined. Add the wine, if using, and bubble for a few minutes. Next, add the stock and stir well. Slice the chicken and return it to the pan – don’t worry if it’s not fully cooked through at this point, it will finish cooking in the oven.


Stir in the crème fraîche, peas, 1 tbsp mustard and the tarragon, and bubble for a few minutes until thick and saucy. Add a splash more stock or water if it seems too thick Remove the pie filling from the heat. Whisk the remaining ½ tbsp mustard with the egg in a bowl.


Heat the oven to 200C/180C fan/gas 6. Spoon the filling into a pie dish with a lip and use some of the egg mix to brush the sides of the dish. Unroll the pastry over the top of the pie and crimp the edges against the sides of the dish, then cut away any excess with a knife. Will keep frozen, well covered, for up to three months.


Brush the remaining egg glaze over the pie and make a small steam hole in the middle. Bake for 40 mins until golden and puffed. Serve with buttered new potatoes and steamed greens or carrots, if you like.

Download the recipe

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