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Term Begins 4/01/22

On the 4th January 2022, learning will happen remotely in order to facilitate Covid testing for every student. The Government has requested Covid testing, via a lateral flow test, prior to the start of the new term to reduce the risk of spreading the virus in school communities.

Students will only attend school to be tested. All the day’s lessons will be available on Teams.

All students must enter the school through the Bobmore Lane entrance. They will be directed to the Sixth Form Centre and from there to the main hall where the testing will take place.

Buckinghamshire Council school transport will not be available on the 4th January.

The timings for each year group are below:

Year Group Arrival Time and Departure Time (Approximate Timings)
Year 7 – 9.30am 10.00am
Year 8 – 10.30am 11.00am
Year 9 – 11.30am 12.00pm
Year 10 – 12.30pm 1.00pm
Year 11 – 1.30pm 2.00pm
Year 12/13 – 2.30pm 3.00pm

Please note the following points.

  • Students do not need to attend testing wearing their school uniform.
  • All students are asked to wear a face-covering in the school buildings.
  • If a student has symptoms a PCR test must be booked.
  • No child with symptoms should attend school on the 4th January.
  • Parents and carers will only be contacted if the in-school test result is positive for Covid19.
  • If a student is unable to attend their year group’s allocated testing session, or if a parent/carer’s preference is to test at home, GMS asks that a lateral flow test be taken on Tuesday 4th January, and the result reported to both the school and the NHS. It is very important that the results are reported, you can use the link on the front page of this website. Should a test result be positive this must also be communicated to the attendance officer via this email address
  • Students who recently tested positive for COVID-19 are also strongly encouraged to take part in LFD testing at school and/or at home once they have completed their isolation period for their prior infection.
  • Individuals are to take LFD tests on day 6 and day 7 of their self-isolation period. Those who receive two negative test results are no longer required to complete 10 full days of self-isolation. The first test must be taken no earlier than day 6 of the self-isolation period and tests must be taken 24 hours apart. If both these test results are negative, and a student does not have a high temperature, they may end their self-isolation after the second negative test result and return to their education setting from day 8. Anyone who is unable to take LFD tests will need to complete the full 10 day period of self-isolation.
  • Daily testing for close contacts of COVID-19: People who are fully vaccinated, or children and young people aged between 5 and 18 years and 6 months, identified as a close contact of someone with COVID-19, should take an LFD test every day for seven days and continue to attend their setting as normal, unless they have a positive test result or develop symptoms at any time

The government updated their guidance in regard to face coverings; a mask should be worn by all students and staff in communal areas of schools, including classrooms.

Remote learning activities will be provided via MS Teams on this day but there will not be any live learning
conversations in lessons as a significant number of the teaching staff will be supporting the testing in school.
The tutor period will, however, take place live over teams for Years 7-11 at 8.35 am on the day to recognise the
formal start of the new term. Work will be set for all lessons scheduled to take place on the day.

School will operate as normal from Wednesday 5th January with all students who receive a negative test result
on the 4th expected to be on the school site by 8.35 am.

If there are any further changes to the government guidance the school will communicate with you as soon as possible.

If a child does not have access to a computer or there is difficulty with internet access at home, please contact a Director of Learning via email and GMS will look to support wherever possible.Covid 19 absences, should be communicated via email rather than telephone, whenever possible. Absences should be emailed to attendance@gms.bucks.sch.ukIf you are testing your child at home tomorrow, please complete both links on the school website, and if the test result is positive also communicate this via the attendance@gms.bucks.sch.ukAll questions should be emailed to we will respond as quickly as possible from 8.00 am on 4th January, when the school reception reopens.GMS thanks everyone for the continued support given to the school.

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