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Senior Maths Challenge 2021

This year the Senior Maths Challenge took place on Wednesday 10th November. GMS entered a total of 19 students from Year 12 and 13. Those who entered were studying A-level Maths or Further Maths.

This is a national event, where top mathematicians from every school answer challenging problem-solving questions. Of all the students who take part, the top 11% receive the ‘Gold Award’, the top 22% receive the ‘Silver Award’ and the top 33% receive the ‘Bronze Award’

Students opt to enter the challenge because it offers a fantastic opportunity to showcase their mathematical abilities; it’s also beneficial when results can be referenced on application forms to universities, apprenticeships and jobs.

A huge ‘Well Done’ is sent to all the students who took part in the event, below are the results, in descending order.

  • Romily Wels – Silver (Achieved Highest GMS Score)
  • Max Goff – Silver
  • Lukas Hasting – Silver
  • Aiden Kelly – Silver
  • MacKenzie Jameson – Silver
  • Ben Woods – Silver
  • Hugo Loretto – Silver
  • Solayman Bhuiyan – Silver (Achieved Highest Score in Year 12)
  • Alex Quinn – Silver
  • Ali, Malik – Silver
  • Peter McCall – Bronze
  • Aysha Jahangir – Bronze
  • Beatriz Vernizzi – Bronze

Many thanks to the Maths Department for encouraging participation and giving the necessary support.  Thank you to Mrs Bansal, who was the lead teacher on this and who wrote this report.

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