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FINAL RESULT Geography House Competition: Kites 420 / Hawks 250 / Eagles = 210

FINAL RESULT sees Kites as overwhelmingly House Competition winners in the Geography Local Landscape Competition.

Students were challenged to take a picture that showcased their local landscape.

Annabelle 7H1

Tori 11K2

Vanessa 8E2

Students were asked to submit a photograph to Mrs Messenger either electronically at or by giving her a hard copy in A10. Each photograph had the name of the student, his/her form and the House name.

The challenge closed on the 20th of October.

The winner was the House that submitted the most entries; 10 points are awarded per entry. Additional points were given to the photograph judged to be the best.

On 7th October the House tally places Hawks in the lead, with Kites and Eagles closely behind.

On the 12th October Kites were in the lead with a considerable number of points: Kites 200, Hawks 120 and Eagles 70.

On the 14th October Kites had 260, Hawks 140 and Eagles 80.

On the 19th October Kites were 290, Hawks 140 and Eagles 80.

Closing Score on 20th October was Kites 420, Hawks 250 and Eagles 210.

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