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Schools’ Eco Conference

The very first Marlow School’s Eco Conference was led by GMS’s Headteacher, Mr Kevin Ford. The Eco Conference is part of Marlow Town Council’s environmental programme, which is coordinated by Phil Irving of Sustainable Marlow.

In the virtual conference, students from Marlow’s primary schools watched a bonanza of inspirational videos. Its success can be measured in the way it has motivated and inspired Marlow’s school children to become involved in environmental issues, locally and globally. A great start to an ongoing eco-programme.

Before the conference, primary schools were invited to share their key issues and projects. These were collated into themes by students from Marlow’s secondary schools. Posters showing the themes were distributed to every primary school.

The top five eco-priorities turned out to be:

  • make homes for bees
  • recycle more
  • create wildlife gardens
  • become plastic-free
  • build a nature corridor.

Other projects have been embraced too, including creating eco-teams, reducing food waste, outdoor learning, using solar energy, growing vegetables, turning screens off, encouraging fair trade, and walking and cycling more.

Phil Irving, from  Sustainable Marlow, said: “It’s been an honour to work with such an enthusiastic group of schools, local groups and environmental experts, it’s been a true team effort. The actions that the schools have decided on this week will be taken forward into the next year and beyond, with the continuing support of local community groups. The conference is an important first step in what will be a long-term programme with local schools.”

Kevin Ford said: “Although we couldn’t hold the conference in person this year, as a local schools’ community we’re committed to doing more together. Small local actions can make a big difference; we can achieve great things by working as one on shared priorities that the children themselves have decided on. I look forward to exchanging ideas and supporting each other when the new school year starts in the autumn.”

The conference made a commitment to prioritise recycling more waste, and to supporting wildlife.

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