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Safety at the School Gates

GMS is actively seeking ways to improve safety while improving the environment. The Sustainable Marlow Project is actively surveying traffic flow, local public transportation, bus routes, safe walking schemes and cycle routes. To play our part, GMS asks that local students walk or cycle to school: this reduces traffic congestion, improves our local environment and leads to a healthy beginning and end to the school day.

It is important that everyone is safe when travelling to school, away from school, and at the school gates.

  • Cyclists must ride a roadworthy bicycle; wear a helmet; and always abide by the rules of the Highway Code: cycle only on the road or designated cycle paths and be mindful of other road users. GMS has improved the facilities for securely locking bikes on site.
  • Walkers must keep to pavements, cross roads safely at designated crossings, and be considerate of other road users and pedestrians. Those walking should be aware that wearing headphones or earplugs does mean approaching vehicles cannot be heard. Likewise, concentrating on a mobile phone can create a distraction, meaning a dangerous situation may not be recognised.
  • Parents and carers in cars are asked not to stop, nor even wait, near the entrances to the school site; close to busy junctions;  across the driveways of local residents; or across the right-of-way of local businesses. Cars are not permitted on the school site unless a parent or carer has an appointment.
  • Parents and carers waiting for children at a safe distance, should turn off their engine: an idling engine can produce up to twice the emissions of a car that’s in motion. We all know that harmful chemicals, emitted by an idling engine, are a health hazard.

GMS values our place at the heart of the local community and we ask all our parents, carers and students to respect the community as they travel to, arrive at, and leave from, Great Marlow. The school works very closely with Thames Valley Police to improve the health and safety of all who travel.

School staff are always near the school gates to oversee the safe entrance and exit of students. It would be incredibly helpful if they could monitor the movement of hundreds of students without being impeded at the entrances and exits of the school site.

As always, the school values the continued support and engagement of all our community.

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