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Cashless Payments. GMS operates a cashless system using an online payment system called ParentPay. This includes the catering service provided by Innovate. Year 7 students will be registered on 3rd September, all other new students in other year groups will be registered from Monday 6th September. All new students will be provided with a letter to enable Parents and carers to register for ParentPay. On right-hand side of this page, there is a ParentPay icon to click on to gain immediate access; from there payments for trips, events, activities and goods, including lockers, can be made.

Catering. Once registered for ParentPay and having uploaded funds, money can be passed across to the student’s dinner money account. Parents and carers can use the ParentPay system to view the food that has been purchased by their child.
A current canteen menu and price list can be found on the website under the School Life/ Canteen & Catering section.

Lockers. GMS asks for a donation of £30, this minor cost ensures a student has the use of a locker for the duration of their time in GMS.  Once payment has been made, the school allocates a locker to the student, which is communicated via student form tutors. A padlock to keep belongings secure, will be necessary; GMS recommends the use of keyed padlocks and not the combination type.

ParentPay Shop. This is operated by ParentPay, but is a completely separate system and does not require the payer to be registered. Parents and carers, who have purchased equipment packs will have used this system. This facility is also used for events, like drama performances, or donations, where the payer could be someone in the wider school community, such as friends or grandparents.

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