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Year 7 Portrait Project

The Heritage and Identity Project was conceived when Mrs Sillwood’s two children expressed an interest in portraits and the artist Frida Kahlo during the first lockdown. They made portraits in the style of the artist.

When The Black Lives Matter movement gripped the globe, she was motivated to produce a project for school, which celebrated everyone’s heritage and their identity, with the sentiment that even a pandemic cannot not undermine these! Last year’s Year 7 had a wonderful time developing their projects; learning about the work of Frida Kahlo; researching and observing their native flora and fauna; and planning their portrait compositions.

The students very carefully painted their portraits and refined their work with coloured pencil detail developing their observational drawing and painting skills. Finally, they thoughtfully produced decoupaged frames, with symbolic imagery to identify and celebrate their personal heritage. The Art Department exhibited the work in the hall last July and it remains on display to welcome the new Year 7 cohort into our school, because it celebrates every student’s individual heritage and identity.

We hope you enjoy our digital exhibition. You can view it here


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