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Flying Success

“Fly safely in the stratosphere, Travis.  We await your return, eager to write a feature on your experience.” Such was the statement that finalised our last post about Travis. Now we can report on his spectacular journey around the world.

Beginning and ending in a Buckinghamshire airfield, Travis flew for 8 hours a day, for 44 days. In that time he crossed 4 continents, where he saw “amazing sights”, including expanses of land rarely seen, the ice cap in Greenland, the spectacular Canadian Rocky Mountains, the vast landmass of Russia, the terrain of Arizona, the Rock that gives Gibraltar its name and the city sights in New York.

Travis wants his success to inspire others to follow their dream – ‘reach for the stars’. He wishes to send the important message that obstacles do hinder progress but with willpower and belief they can be overcome.

Now, Travis is awaiting confirmation that his solo flight is a new World Record. GMS awaits to hear, too.

The flight has raised money for the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNISEF). Good luck Travis in your next challenge.

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