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Flying World Record Contender

Travis Ludlow, a Sixth Former here at GMS, is also a member of the 1811 (Marlow) Squadron Air Training Corps Air Cadets, who first flew solo, in a glider, on February 16 2016, on his 14th birthday.

As a child, Travis had a passion for all things aviational, which has never abated: at 15 he had already passed six of the CAA examinations. So keen was Travis to fly that he applied for his private pilot’s licence five months before he was even allowed to have one: apparently, his father waited outside the CAA offices to collect the document at 8am on the morning of his son’s 17th birthday.

Immediately after Travis’s A-level Final Assessments are completed, on May 27th, he is off – soaring into the skies to fulfil a dream of breaking the World Record presently held by an American pilot, who at 18 years of age completed a similar trip in 163 days.

First, Travis will travel east, flying over Europe, Russia, across Alaska to Canada and the USA. Once there, he heads back up the east coast of the USA and Canada to Greenland, over Iceland before landing back in the UK. Altogether this is more than 23,000 miles and visiting seven countries on three continents.

All of us at GMS are so proud of our young pilot, we wish him every success in beating the current World Record holder.

Fly safely in the stratosphere, Travis.  We await your return, eager to write a feature on your experience.


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