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Bank Holiday Regatta

The three schools, who row out of the Longridge site, held a small regatta over the Bank Holiday. The rowing day began reasonably early, to avoid the stormy weather later. As it was the first time for some rowers to row in a competition, the race organisers decided to give the less experienced GMS rowers an opportunity to race side-by-side side with more experienced competitors. Reports from those who watched is that there was huge admiration for all the rowers who competed and there is an appetite for more races in the not-too-distant future.
The results were nicely balanced between GMS and SWB:  honours were being reversed from the autumn time trials for the Year 9 crews. Very well done to the boys, who overturned a sizeable deficit from last autumn, to win both the Octos and the Quads. The Girls’ Octo was a close race, with a very narrow victory to SWB.
In the Year 10 events, the Quad teams were made up of balanced crews, which included some support from Year 9 rowers. There was a slightly more ranked selection for the Doubles. As a result, while the Quads were very competitive, the finals in both events went SWB’s way.
In the Doubles two of our boys’ crews suffered from steering issues, which meant that the final was between the SWB top boat and GMS’s Will Clayton and Sal Dunn, which they won by 7 seconds.
In the Girls’ Doubles, the final was an all GMS event, between Peyton Nugent and Olivia Fyfe in one boat and  Emily Downing and Christina Baxter in the other: the latter took the top slot.
Everyone enjoyed the occasion and certainly the results bode well for future success.
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