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Prefect Process 2021

As the end of the academic year approaches, it is time for the Year 10s to apply to become a prefect. Being a prefect is a high-status role in GMS, and is sought after by many students.

All applicants must read all the documentation and reference, in their application, evidence of how they have succeeded in meeting the specific skills and qualities required.

Mr Ross and GMS believe filling in a job application form is a life skill, therefore this year’s process is as near to being real-life as it can be. The vacancies are advertised on the school website, under ‘About Us’ – ‘Job Vacancies’ – ‘Non-Teaching Vacancies’. As in real life, applying for a job does not guarantee success; there are approximately 70 prefect vacancies each year, which is far fewer than the number of suitable candidates, yet, despite inevitable disappointments, there is much to be gained from completing the process.

Year 10 students are selected after consideration of the following: the quality of the application form; the quality of the CV; consideration of the contribution made to GMS, and the wider GMS community, since Year 7; and recommendation by teachers.

Parents and carers can help in helping and guiding their child through the process by reading the criteria documentation and filling in the application form.

All the Year 10 team, and the wider network of teachers, are ready to offer guidance to students on the process of completing the application and writing a CV.

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