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Plea-Please Return Library Books

The librarians are working in a sadly depleted library because many of our GMS students have not returned library books they borrowed before the lockdowns. As many as 500 books were not returned after the first lockdown, and now, after the second lockdown, many more books are lost: it amounts to a huge number of books and a huge amount of monetary outlay to re-purchase the lost stock.
Please would all students search at home for books they borrowed and return them to the library, so others can enjoy reading them?
Mrs Joyce has collated a list of students who have been issued a book, which will be sent to form tutors. In the meantime, GMS asks that a thorough search of homes, including under beds and in cupboards be made to locate the missing books.  Everyone gains if the books are found and returned. There is a book box outside the library where students can place the book/s they find at home.
The school thanks parents and carers for helping their children search for books; it will certainly help our library look less forlorn and empty.
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