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Safer Internet Day 9/2/21

GMS believes it is important to teach students about misinformation, often labelled ‘fake news’. Finding reliable information, reliable news and reliable facts online is essential if we are to move forward in a balanced way. The internet has an amazing range of information and opportunities, but separating fact from fiction can be difficult sometimes.

Safer Internet Day is a global initiative with the slogan for 2021 being, “An internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world”. Its aim is to highlight the danger of  false information, fake news, photos or videos that are purposefully created to confuse or misinform.

Sometimes, even genuine information is manipulated to deceive.

We should all be aware that being able to distinguish between real news and fake news is difficult. Safer Internet Day gives us all the chance to have a frank and open discussion with young people so they understand and don’t inadvertently share something that isn’t true, or believe something that maybe misleading.  SID Fake News Awareness 21

GMS are sharing this guide: Safer Internet Day  It highlights the importance of checking the source of an article, YouTube video or social media post. The guide suggests talking through all information found; it promotes discussing and debating information to discover whether there is another side to the story.

Our school is committed to teaching online safety, alongside parents, carers, grandparents and the wider community of friends, who all have much to offer in combatting misinformation and ‘fake news’.

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