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Year 8 Tanzania Charity Month

Annually, the Great Marlow Year 8 cohort raise money for an international charity that the school supports – This year the usual ‘fun’ events cannot take place. Instead, our form groups have come up with some inventive ideas for the month of December.
Art is taking a prominent role in fundraising this year. A competition to design Christmas Postcards is being launched by the Year 8 cohort, who felt this would be a fantastic way to become involved in community outreach, whilst raising funds for a fantastic cause. Receiving a Christmas postcard, specially designed by one of our students, would be a fantastic way to draw distant families and friends together.  The judges can’t wait to see the designs!  The winning postcard images will be published and sold to the school community in packs of 5.
8H3 are holding a ‘Don’t be an idiom!’ fundraiser. These students will be selling a ‘Popular Idioms/Expressions’ quiz sheet for £1 an entry. Entrants will have 2 weeks to complete the (frustrating but very addictive) task, with the final deadline

for submissions as Friday 11th December. Winners will be drawn in the last week of the autumn term. The prize: a fantastic gift. Submissions should be made to 8H3’s register box, or to Mrs Joseph-Stewart.

Equally interesting is the idea of 8H1. They have opted to undertake a sponsored walk, of 5895m, the same distance as the height of Mount Kilimanjaro. This task is open to all, and can be done as a sponsored run at home, in their own time. Sponsorship forms will be distributed in form boxes. Once students have completed the task, and raised the funds, however big or small, they will be entered into a prize draw to win a hamper of chocolatey goodies.

Of course, the traditional raffle will be part of the mix. 8E3 are organising this alongside a Christmas song writing competition. Students are tasked with writing lyrics for a Christmas song entry. The cost of joining will be £1 and the winning lyrics will be made into a song and released for all to hear.

As it is impossible for money to be handled in the usual way, the money will be offered in envelopes or placed straight into a money container. No change can be given, sadly. The event has been planned so that most money is paid ahead of time; students are collecting it safely in envelopes or containers.


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