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NEW 300 Club

FoGMS would like to invite all its members to join the NEW 300 Club Lottery! Over the years, as this has been such a successful initiative, FoGMS has decided to extend it to allow more members of our community to participate.

The club is open to all families, friends, staff and governors past and present. All you need to do is choose your lucky number between 151 and 300 (before someone else does) and the FoGMS team do the rest.

If you are already in the existing 100 Club, you can keep your number, just let Jane Trainer know so she can reserve that number for you.

FoGMS objective is to give all members the opportunity to win a cash prize, while raising much needed funds for the school. If they sell all the available numbers, £2,000 will be returned in prizes and £4,000 will go to school projects: it’s a marvellous way to be involved.

In the past monies raised have bought valuable equipment for cash-scrapped departments: including new camcorders for the Media Department, keyboards for the Music Department, kit for the PE Department, outdoor seating for students, water dispensers and table tennis equipment. Most importantly, funds have helped to finance two new minibuses, which continue to be supported by FoGMS, year on year.

In the 2020-2021 academic year, there will be 10 draws, starting at the end of October 2020. The winning numbers are generated using a random number generator app. Monthly prize money will be an amazing £150 first prize, and a runner up prize of £50 – so there are two chances to win each month! Subscription to the 300 Club is £20 per year, per number, paid annually. Participants can, of course, have more than one number in the draw. Remember if you enter the National Lottery your chances of winning are 14,000,000:1 – your chances of winning the 300 Club are vastly improved on that statistic and there is the added benefit of knowing you will be helping to raise a substantial amount of money for school projects at the same time.

To join, please email Jane Trainer on with the subject title 300 Club. Let her know your chosen number(s) and she will confirm their availability. Payment will be via BACS and full information on how to pay will be included in the confirmation email. Participants will be notified of the results each month, via Xpressions; the lucky winner will be notified via a personal email.

GMS thank FoGMS for all their hard, dedicated work. GMS also thank the whole, generous GMS community, who provide vital financial assistance to the school.  Many, many thanks in advance for your continued and new support!

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