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Microsoft Teams

After having successfully trialled Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) for the last few weeks, with a number of classes from across different subject areas, GMS is now very confident that this offers the best functionality for teaching and learning, remotely and in school. The feedback from the control groups has been extremely positive. Indeed, the trial has shown many benefits over Show My Homework (SMHW) including:

  • improved communication between students and their teachers
  • improved way of working online and saving the work completed
  • collaborative student to student discussion of tasks, via the ‘chat’ function
  • easy editing of assessments and assignments
  • safe storage of all work completed
  • accessible on a computer, laptop, tablet or phone.

From one single platform all tasks, assessments, assignments and quiz type activities can be accessed and completed online. An important function is the ‘Files’ category, where a bank of subject specific resources can be uploaded ready for students to access and refer to.

GMS encourages all students, who have not yet familiarised themselves with Teams, to do the following:

Download Office 365 onto their devices (this is free through the school)

  • Download the MS Teams app onto their phone, laptop or tablet
  • Download MS Word, PowerPoint and One Note onto their phones, laptop or tablet (Click here for guide)
  • Become familiar with their school email address and password
  • Watch the short tutorial videos found below

For laptop use:

For phone use:

As with all new initiatives, time is required to embed the new technology. We fully appreciate that some students, parents, carers and staff will find this transition, from SMHW to MS Teams, more daunting than others. Please allow for some settling-in issues, for both staff and students, as everyone becomes more familiar with the MS platform.

Please be reassured that on-going support will be available, to ensure that this move is as seamless as possible, from teachers and the GMS Teaching and Learning group. Therefore, should difficulties arise in accessing MS Teams, please make contact with subject teachers in the first instance, but if the problem persists please email with the subject header MS Teams and a member of the Teaching and Learning group will make contact with you.

As always, GMS thanks you for your continuing support, as we move forward and develop.

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