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Headbands Make Headlines

Headbands Make Headlines

Annabel Butler, an innovative Year 11 student, has been making attractive, effective headbands for key workers.

Annabel first had the idea from something she saw on the internet.

“I first saw the idea online. My mum’s friend is a carer and I thought it would be useful to her; it would make wearing a face mask far more comfortable. I made one and she tried it out at work: she thought it was brilliant. The elastic from the masks made her ears very sore and the headband took all the pressure off.

Her colleagues were so impressed they asked her where the source was: so I made lots more! I’ve had messages from the doctor’s surgery and the cottage hospital asking if they can have a supply, too. I’ve also made some for a frontline paramedic. An elderly care home resident is my favourite recipient, though, she wanted some to tame her “unruly hair”, as seeing the hairdresser was an impossibility at the moment!”

The headbands work because they fit snuggly around the head. One centimetre buttons, sewn to the bands, are sturdy enough to hold the elastic of the mask; it means the ears and faces of frontline workers and others are protected from becoming sore.

Annabel’s mother reports that production has become “a bit crazy” since her friend (the carer who loved them) put a post on Facebook – Annabel has been inundated ever since with requests from paramedics, doctors and others locally.

Only thing is, they are running out of buttons and fabric.

Annabel asks, “If anyone has spare cotton material or pairs of buttons about 1cm diameter, they could donate, that would be fantastic. Thank you.”

At Great Marlow reception there is a drop in place for buttons and material. The reception team there will pass all donations on to Annabel, so she can continue her good work.

This good news story highlights how the whole country is working together. It is marvellous that one of our own is making a difference in such a significant way. Well done, Annabel.

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