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To Our Amazing Year 13s

To Our Amazing Year 13s

This has, without any doubt, been one of the most challenging weeks I have ever experienced as a teacher and in my role as Head of Sixth Form. As members of the GMS community, we are all used to routine, rules, targets, motivation, support and clarity of direction; all of these factors have evaporated with the decision to close schools and cancel the summer examinations.
I have spoken to a great many students and teachers over the last few days, all who have expressed similar sentiments of confusion, anxiety, upset and anger. The overriding discussion points have been the removal of the examination process and doubt over the awarding of grades. It has also been a shock to all of us to say goodbye to our wonderful 13 students in such a sudden manner.
I am impressed with the level of maturity that you have exhibited regarding the decisions made about your educational future this week. You have understood the necessity of the decision to close schools and have demonstrated maturity in your understanding of the need to protect the health of the wider community. Clearly, it will take a while for you to process the magnitude of the events which have unfolded, but I know that you will deal with this in a typically understanding and selfless manner, recognising your social responsibility.
As your head of Sixth Form, I would have liked to provide a proper, formal end to your time with us; you deserve one. Whether you have been a student at GMS for seven years, or joined us in year 12, you have all demonstrated huge progress in your attitude towards your studies, a positive work ethic and leave us the best versions of yourselves that you could be. I will endeavour to organise a final goodbye when the circumstances allow me to. When and where this happens I am unable to say,  but I hope to engineer an opportunity for us all to get together as a cohort at some point.
Thank you. You are all impressive individuals who have not only shown your academic prowess, but your willingness to contribute to the school community and beyond. It has been a pleasure to teach you, support you in academic and pastoral matters and to watch you grow-up; I am really proud of the young adults you have become. I think that I have the best job in the world and this is due to the calibre and personality of the students in the 6th Form. There was never a dull moment!
Finally, it is important to remember that the Sixth Form Team is still available to contact, should you have any questions or concerns about school related issues or your choices regarding university. I would, along with Miss Jones and Mrs Evans, be happy to respond to any emails should you need advice or guidance.
I wish you every success in your bright futures. Please stay in touch.
Kindest regards,
Mr O. Hollyman
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