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KS3 Revision Guide

KS3 Revision Guide

A letter has been despatched to KS3 parents and carers, by Mr Ross, about a new revision guide called “Revision Cracked”. Staff at GMS are often asked about how a student can convert their learning in lessons to success in assessments, which is a valid question for it is important that a child’s potential is converted into outcomes that reflect their commitment and work ethic.

Last term, Mr Ross sourced this useful guide, “Revision Cracked”, which he shared with KS3 parents, carers and teachers. As all the feedback was positive, the school ordered copies, which are now available for sale, through the Parent Pay Shop only. Purchasers can find this by clicking on the icon located on the right hand-side of website’s front page.

The cost is just £1-30, which includes the price of the book and a small administrative overhead. Once the order has been processed, a copy of their book will be given to the student during tutor time. A note will be made in planners to inform parents and carers that the book has been delivered.

The school endorses being familiar with revision techniques, which is why work has been done to find a revision guide. This brand-new study guide, offers a variety of practical ideas on how to:

organise revision and study time
use active revision methods
become an independent learner
improve the outcome in an assessment

All questions, regarding the guide, please direct to Mr Ross, email address:


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