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Bugsy Malone

Every Christmas Great Marlow School hosts a whole school production, the biggest of the year, involving students from Years 7-13. Although the performers are spectacular on the night, many do not realise the extreme effort required to pull off such polished performances.

Mrs Chenery, the Head of Drama, is responsible for the whole production. She begins the process in July with a pitch of ideas to art and music in the summer to which they respond. The performance finally occurs in mid December

Music, led by Mr Beveridge, provides the composed music that accompanies the production. Art, led by Mrs Joseph-Stewart, provides the set designs, as well as the added details required in the performance. Mrs Rooney creates all propaganda for the production. Meanwhile, Miss Mapes is in charge of advertising that encourages people to go to the performance.

In terms of casting Mrs Chenery (Director) and Miss Jeremiah (Executive Director) work on the performance by separating out scenes, before bringing it all together in the final rehearsals.

Casting occurs before summer and a much dedication and work is required by all cast members to reach the high standard required on performance day. Rehearsals occur even on Saturdays when Mrs Chenery comes in to run lengthy sessions to prepare for the performance.

In December, the whole school really comes together for these performances, a huge amount of gratitude goes to all the staff who give their time to this event. Huge admiration goes to the students who have committed their time to all the rehearsals over the last number of months.

The performance is coming up soon, and confidence is growing. GMS encourages as many people as possible to reserve tickets, for it will be definitely worth watching.

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