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Tanzania Charity Week: Yr 8

The annual Tanzania Charity Week is the focus for GMS’s charitable spirit this week. The Year 8s have a reputation for being inventive with ideas for the fund raising activities they organise. Along with the always popular cake sales there are many other activities on offer.

The stalls selling food and drink are always popular, so there will be stalls selling cakes, popcorn and milk shakes. There are competitions such as ‘Guess the Teddies name’ and ‘Guess the number of marshmallows in the jar’ running throughout the week.
Watch out for competitions including a dodgeball tournament and funfair activities on Thursday and Friday in the Quad.
Year 8 have worked really hard to organise these events and as much support from parents and carers including giving any lose change or donations would be very much appreciated.

After months of thought and preparation the students are ready to make all their individual events enjoyable and successful. Charity week is the time when the rest of the school community becomes involved. It is time to engage and enjoy all the activities: our enjoyment will generate much needed funds to support the education of two Tanzania children.

GMS ask that the school’s wider community do all that they can to support all the Year 8s, their tutors, and Mrs Wheeler in making this charity week an amazing memory.

Just recently, the Year 8 Tanzanian Charity Committee met to plan their Charity Week Event Rota  for 2nd – 6th December. The different tutor groups have finalised their preferred ways of raising money, and their ideas have been coordinated by the committee.

Good luck Year 8.

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