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Ellen Brown Open Evening Speech

Ellen Brown Open Evening Speech

GMS thanks Ellen Brown, a new Year 7 student, who spoke at Open Evening. Her speech is written here for all to read.

“Good evening my name is Ellen.

After spending so much time at primary school I still can’t  believe I am now in Year 7 at Great Marlow School. For some it’s just about moving up a year, but for me and many others it’s about feeling more grown up and learning to be more organised. The whole experience sounds scary when people talk about it; I have to admit I felt a little nervous and scared at first, but now I have been at this school for a few weeks, I know there was nothing to worry about.

One thing I like in particular is that the school has a system called Show My Homework. This online programme allows students to see what pieces of work they need to do, when they are due and if they have any overdue homework. It also let you tick off any homework that you have done, this helps you and your parents keep track and up to date all  the homework you get. I’m glad to say i haven’t had a detention yet, this is because I make sure I do all of my homework on time and I always behave the best way I can, which I am happy and proud about.

There are many school rules, but they are not difficult to follow. I can’t say you won’t be spoken to if you break the school rules, but I can guarantee you that you will be praised for good work and good behaviour.

The work here at Great Marlow is a little harder than at primary, but the teacher is always there to help you if you need it. The lessons are much more interesting than at primary school, so you never get bored in class.

The canteen is one of my favourite places as they have tasty food and healthy snacks, too.

I have started many clubs, most take place in the Redgrave Centre. You may think, “Oh, I will only get to do football”, or “Oh, I wish they had badminton.” Let me tell you  that there are sooooooooo many sports clubs on offer. You can play hockey, badminton, netball, or perhaps rowing, or fitness. Fitness takes place in the Redgrave Centre gym and is probably my favourite club so far. You have access to treadmills, rowing machines, and even weights, and yes they do have air conditioning in there!

We are lucky, because we also have friendship clubs where you can go at lunchtime to meet new friends. There are school clubs too, such as homework club: a very popular one is Science Club where you get to do lots of experiments.

I really hope I have shared enough of my time so far at Great Marlow School, it really was my favourite secondary school out of all the schools I visited. It feels like Great Marlow is more than just a school, it’s more like a community, almost like a family. The staff and students are friendly and helpful, so if you get lost a lot (like myself) you can ask a student or teacher and they will help you find your way.

I honesty can’t fault this school and I hope that your child or children enjoys visiting as much as I and the rest of Year 7 did. I hope, too, I have conveyed how much I am enjoying it here.

Thank you for listening.”

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