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Speech Open Evening Head Boy/Girl

Speech Open Evening Head Boy/Girl

On GMS’s successful Open Evening the Head Girl and Head Boy spoke with enthusuiasm about the school they now take a lead role in.

Jocab began:

“Good evening everybody and welcome to Great Marlow School Open Evening. I am Jacob Wratten and am proud to be the Head Boy here. I am delighted that you have all taken time to visit our school. I hope you have all been made to feel very welcome. Please use your visit to find out as much as you can about our fantastic school.

Coming to Great Marlow is a great opportunity to better yourself as a student and as a person, which I know from personal experience. When I arrived at Great Marlow School from Burford, I was intimated by all the big buildings and having to cope with a significant schedule change. I knew coming here there would be many challenges but I stayed optimistic and kept a positive mind-set. Throughout my experience at the school I have found what I want to do in life and realised my full potential, which is to go to university to study Geography. I have been involved in multiple school productions and have represented many sports teams. For all of you sitting down there tonight I know this may sound very daunting, but coming to this school was one of the best decisions I have made in my life so far.”

Helen spoke next:

“Good evening. I am Helen Windsor the current Head Girl of Great Marlow School. I would like to begin by saying a massive welcome to the prospective students who hopefully will be joining us next year. I remember when I first joined from Spinfield School I was quiet and shy. If, at that point you had said in six years time I would be standing here in front of you, I’d never have believed it.

As Head Girl and Boy we strive to be role models for all the younger students and make a positive difference to GMS. I can’t say it isn’t nerve racking moving to secondary school because it is. Yet, in whichever school you decided to move to there will be days where you wobble a little (and parents too). However, one thing I am proud to say that we have here at Great Marlow is an amazing team of staff who offer support and care. This ranges from a form tutor who sees you every morning, giving you guidance and advice on everyday life around school; your subject teachers who are all so approachable that if you don’t understand a topic they will take time to explain; and a dedicated learning guidance and support team, who are always available for you to drop in for a chat and work through problems you may be experiencing.”

Jacob delivered the next part of the speech:

“During your time here you will be given so many fantastic opportunities through enrichment and extra-curricular activities; we would urge you to seize the opportunities in order to flourish, and most importantly, have fun. Great Marlow has a great community feel to its culture. It provides the support you need to develop determination, hard work and resilience. All the achievements of students started with someone just taking part in something, joining in, and then practising and working hard at it in order to succeed. One initiative we heavily push at the school is the My Personal Best Programme. Great Marlow helps students develop academically, but most importantly it creates well rounded, articulate and ambitious young people.”

Helen rounded off their speech:

“At Great Marlow opportunities are created, potential is realised and excellence is achieved. We explicitly develop and recognise the following skills: reflection, resourcefulness, readiness, resilience, responsibility and respect (the six Rs which come under the My Personal Best Programme). All help to contribute to our overall mission statement, which is to provide a ‘high quality learning environment that inspires students, staff and the community to be compassionate, successful and resilient contributors that will create a better society.

The most important advice, the advice I wish I had received when I was sitting where you are is ask questions, however big or small they maybe. Ask the teachers, senior prefects and fellow students as they are the beating heart of this community. Additionally, Jacob and I would be happy to assist this evening, you’ll find us in the hall after the closing of the talk.

Finally, I hope that you are inspired today and realise that it is only by being unafraid of starting something new and be prepared to take that you can really achieve.”

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