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Carnegie Book Club

Harrison Taggart and Joseph Cogan write about participating in the Carnegie Book shadowing.

Carnagie was a great way to enjoy reading books that may not necessarily be our type of books. For instance, there were poetry books that no one was really drawn towards, but once they were picked up, no one could stop. One of them even won!

Every Tuesday, people from across each year group came together to discuss what we liked and disliked about the books whilst enjoying snacks provided by Mrs Legerton and Mrs Sadd.

On the week that the awards were announced, all of the book club members walked over to Borlase and discussed the books with their book club members. We filled out leaflets, scoring the books out of 100 in different categories to see which book was our overall favourite. In the end we decided that Poet X had our vote, as it was very creative and a different genre to what we would usually read.

On the results day, we found out that the winner was Poet X. We agreed with these results. We will definately be part of the Carnagie team next year.

Joe’s opinion,

I personally did not read Poet X, but from what I had heard from other people it sounded like a really good book. One of the books I read was The House with Chicken Legs, I thought it was a great book because it was so different and creative. However, I did not feel that it would win. Another book I read was Bone Talk, which I really disliked, it was very confusing, boring and I just wasn’t gripped at all.

Harrison’s opinion.

I really enjoyed Rebound, as it was a different style to what I would usually read and I just could not put it down. It gripped me from the very first page. I felt like The House with Chicken Legs was a good concept, but I found it tricky to continue reading it as it didn’t appeal to me.

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