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Tennis Triumphs

Tennis Triumphs

Mr Magnay reports for the website about tennis in GMS.

In Key Stage 3 (U13 Girls) there has been a significant uptake in tennis and as a result there have been more tennis matches with better results than in previous years.

Sophie Apletree has demonstrated resilient performances against fierce opposition on court; she used her power and effective movement to dominate her opponents in matches.

Rebecca Tinnelly has developed some lethal winning shots that outwit opponents. This skill, combined with outstanding movement and determination, have led to some fine wins on court.

Racheal Clakre and Alice Cogram have committed many hours to developing their serve and it is now a tremendous winning mechanism. Over the season their communication within their doubles games has excelled, making them a very strong pair to beat in the tournaments.

Results Tennis U13 Girls

Sir William Borlase 12-0 WIN

The Beaconsfield School 10-2 WIN

Wycombe High School 10-2 WIN


Burnham Grammar 12-0 loss

The U13 Boys, who have taken up tennis, have shown a great commitment to the game. Ben Murado, Will Clayton and Theo Besnard have played some outstanding tennis sets within every fixture. They have an arsenal of strong shots that intelligently outwit their opponents.

James Hudson has been invaluable because he stepped in when another player was ill. James worked hard in his training, aspiring to improve and win his matches.

Results Tennis U13 Boys

Burnham Grammar 10-2 WIN

Bourne End Acadamy 12-0 WIN

Caldicott School 8-4 Lose

Sir William Borlase 12-0 WIN

Current League Leaders (final position TBC)

U15 Girls, have played fixtures that have been challenging during this round of the teams’ tennis school tournament. Yet, they have remained undaunted: fighting hard, for every point and as a result of this resilience and effort, there has been some successful set wins against tough opposition.

Naimh Creighton and Amelie Fitzpatrick have work hard together as captains to organise the teams and nominate substitutions when other commitments of players have arose.

Results Tennis U15

Sir William Ramsey 7-6 WIN

Pipers Corner 6-0 lose

Dr Challoners 10-2 lose

U15 Boys, have shown great commitment, despite a rocky start. Their resilience has led to increased confidence as the season has progressed.

Ethan Paul and Ellis Delgardo, who play both doubles and singles matches, have been victorious in most of their sets showcasing some outstanding performances.

Gabe Smyth has continued to improve his technique and movement on the court, which has reaped benefits towards the end of the season.

Josh Dudley-Holt has been dedicated in training that has resulted in strong performances, most particularly in the later fixtures for which he was selected.

Dhani West has worked hard to improve the organisation and smooth running of the team throughout the season. Becoming increasing proactive, he confirmed the players’ availability, communicated potential problems for upcoming fixtures and dealt with those issues appropriately.

Results Tennis U15 Boys

Bourne End Academy 8-4 WIN

Burnham Grammar 8-4 lose

Sir William Borlase 10-2 lose

GMS PE Department and the school thank all the participants for giving of their best in this sport, it brings credit to the players and to the school. Many heartfelt thanks go to the captains of the teams, who were responsible for organising their teams’ availability and helping organise replacements due to illness or other commitments.

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