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Anna, Evie and Audience Reviews of Macbeth

Anna, Evie and Audience Reviews of Macbeth

Year 7s, Anna Martin and Evie Radcliffe O’Neill, wrote about being in Macbeth.
My part in Macbeth included being a witch and a servant. Altogether this was a sensational, phenomenal and tremendous experience; I loved being on stage with the other witches and servants. I was performing with my friends and people I had never performed with before. The experience was unbelievable and I am obviously going to audition for the play next year. I would encourage all students to audition for the school summer play or the musical because all the hard work and effort eventually pays off and is rewarded. (Anna Martin)
I really enjoyed being in Macbeth, it has inspired me to go on to auditioning for bigger, speaking parts. Being part of the play was so much fun, because I met and got to know all the amazing young actors in the play. The experience has increased my confidence as I worked with a wide range of ages. I also enjoyed meeting some new teachers. I can’t wait to be involved in next year’s performance.
We would like to say thank you to all the teachers who helped with Macbeth, especially Mr Ross for directing and putting so much effort into making sure the play was amazing for actors and audience. (Evie Radcliffe O’Neill)
“Wow! I was blown away tonight! Couldn’t hold back the tears during the curtain call!”
“Thank you so much for welcoming me into  the production team, it’s been a fabulous few months and I’m actually a little sad it’s all over!”
“I left GMS 19 years ago thinking it was the best school ever, tonight I was standing proud as a member of staff and I still think it’s the best school ever!”
“Anyway first class job! What a stunning performance. Made me cry – so proud ❤️”
“It was amazing, thank you for all your input, and I reckon the woods should have stayed longer, they were magnificent! 😉 xx”
“Sophie loved every moment thank you so much for all your hard work 👍🏻👏🏻😘😘”
“Frieth may be small but she is mighty! Frieth parents should be excited about the future for their children.
Having been a Frieth parent for 10 years I can tell you, without a doubt, that Frieth produces confident, articulate and brilliant kids.”
“Just been to watch the Great Marlow School KS3 (ages 11-14) production of Macbeth and am blown away by how brilliant it was, and how heavily teeny-tiny Frieth was represented in a big secondary school. Ex-Frieth pupils absolutely get involved; they were actors, stage hands, musicians, make-up and costume (and parent staff as well Jennifer Sharp!); Frieth had a solid presence and I felt very proud!”
“Hey Jen, thanks so much for tonight. Thought the kids were amazing! Em and Pop really enjoyed it too xxxx”
“Good show well done x”
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