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OAPs Afternoon Hosted by Year 7

OAPs Afternoon Hosted by Year 7

On Thursday 4th July in lesson 5, the Year 7s hosted a charity afternoon for residents from local care homes.

The aim of this afternoon was to join together two generations of people from the local community in a place where they could meet and share tea, coffee and cakes for an afternoon. The students of 7O, 7A and 7G were  hosts to the visitors.

As part of the entertainment, there was a quiz and a chance to hear several GCSE music performances.

GMS thanks all the following students, who gave their time to make this event memorable:

Antonia Hay Evelyn Mallatt Anouk Oldham
Cian Hamill-Heslin Tom Hubscher Oliver Lewis
Arran Bligh Milly Horan Cassidy Dunn
Olivia Dudley Jamie Tenant Kim Bowler
Tilly Hanson Josh Barnes Rafael Quin



These Year 10 students were chosen to perform their GCSE music pieces:

Aidan Strain,  Aidan Kelly,  Peter McCall,  Georgia Bill,  Mia Lowe

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