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Yr 8 at THORPE PARK 2019

Yr 8 at THORPE PARK 2019

On Saturday April 27th the Year 8s had a fun trip to Thorpe Park.

Although the weather was cold and the rides were off and on, due to the winds, the Year 8s were determined to have a fabulous day.

Mr Ross, stationed himself in KFC, he was there all day in case of an emergency and, surprisingly, some staff decided that was a good idea, so joined him! Other staff members braved the rides with the students and had a great time.

Several toy dogs were won (see picture), which became one of the big responsibilities for the staff at KFC, who were asked to look after them. I was concerned that we would not be able to fit them on the coach – but we did.

Mr Ross thanks all the staff who kindly gave up their Saturday to come and help, and also the students who, as always, enjoyed the day and were maturely responsible: they checked into ‘base camp’ when asked to and were at the meeting point on time.

Another hugely successful trip.

Mr Ross thanks all the staff who accompanied him, GMS thanks Mr Ross for organising this outing, it is a trip that remains one of the highlights for the Year 8s.

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