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Used Uniform Sales

Used Uniform Sales

In previous months, FoGMS have been extremely grateful for all of the generous donations of school uniform: it has really made a difference.

With the Year 11s at their final stages, FoGMS would again be very pleased to take in any good quality items, once students have finished with them.

All good, used uniform, is appreciated at all times of the year. Just bag the clean uniform items and label it FoGMS. The reception staff are marvellous at storing the bags, but as the items are collected by FoGMS volunteers on a Friday, that is the preferred day for bringing them in.

There are a couple more sales before the end of the year and the charity totally relies on donations.

The money raised is spent on equipment for the school, but more importantly, the used uniform sales provide a service for those who are unable to pay for new items.

FoGMS thanks everyone for the fantastic feedback, because it makes this aspect of the charity feel so worthwhile. With the continued help of uniform givers, FoGMS hopes that this service will continue for many years.

On behalf of GMS, the website thank FoGMS for all their hard, dedicated work, much of which goes on behind the scenes.

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