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RS Department Visitors

RS Department Visitors

As part of the RS GCSE, the GMS students learn about the role of the church in the community, which includes food banks and street pastors.

In order to enhance their learning about these important topics, the RS Department were lucky enough to secure a visit from a representative of the One Can Trust, who came in to talk to the students about the charity, how and why it was established and the support requires to keep it running. Whilst the One Can Trust is not a religious charity, the principle of helping those in your local community is fundamental principal of all religions and is a very powerful reminder for the students that it is important for us all to look after each other. And, of course, the information is essential and helpful information for the GCSE course.

Additionally, a representative from the Reading Street Pastors came in to give a talk about the motivation for the support they provide to the wider community and the impact of the support they offer. The students learnt about the long weekend nights that many volunteers offer; their attendance at Reading Festival; and the invaluable support they provide for those in need.

Importantly, the Street Pastors gave sound advice about how to stay safe when out with friends.

GMS are grateful to the organisations concerned for giving of their time to GMS, and to the RS staff for organising these visits to enhance the learning of the students.

For further information about the charities please go to the links below.

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