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Year 11 Top Tip #3

Year 11 Top Tip #3

The third ‘Weekly Top Tip’ for parents, carers and students is Top Tip #3: Avoid Distractions
When revising it is important that students have no distractions to ensure all the time spent revising is fully beneficial.


Agree a dedicated work space and time.
Turn mobile phones off and leave in a different room (non-negotiable unless essential eg. PiXL apps)
Remove gaming devices or handsets.
Give ready access to water and snacks.
Ensure the rest of family avoids distracting the revision session: music,                                                                          TV and even conversations in the background can be very distracting.

In order to support students in Year 11, we have opened the 6th Form Centre to Year 11 students from Monday
to Thursday after school from 3pm until 5pm. This proved very popular last year, with many Year 11 students finding it more beneficial to stay in school than go home to do some independent study. Students are supervised to ensure they make the best use of the quiet environment. Students should bring material with them to revise from.

Mrs Craig would like to also like to remind parents and carers of the Information Evening that will take place on Tuesday March 19th from 6-7 pm, where essential guidance will be given to help support students in the final weeks:  Year 12 students and members of staff will offer advice.

At that meeting, GMS will share details of the revision sessions that will take place outside the normal school day

Please be aware that there is specific subject guidance in the personalised revision booklet, provided to your
son or daughter prior to Christmas.

As we near the start of the written examinations, it is essential that students prepare to the best of their ability and they should now be completing approximately 2 hours of revision, 4 days during the week and the same at the weekend. Every ‘Weekly Top Tip’ will be shared with students in assembly and during tutor time.

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