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GMS Students in U18 County Rugby Team

GMS Students in U18 County Rugby Team

County rugby have selected three  GMS  students to play in the U18 County Rugby team: this is a great honour for  them and for the school. In the recent match fixture, as part of South West England Counties trials, Bucks faced Gloucester; the result a decided win for Bucks at Weston Super Mare : 6 tries to 4, in the first game of 2. (Conversions or penalty kicks were not allowed.)

The photograph shows squad, post match, showing Will Wright, Will Drewitt, who both started in the pack, and Freddie Lewis at 10 throughout. Thankfully, there is no lasting long term effect from the “funniest leg spasm and cramp … ever seen, [as Will Drewitt] was carried off to far side”: just one side-effect of the exacting physical nature of the game of rugby!

The next match is Bucks verses Somerset on Saturday 15th December, also at Weston Super Mare, we wish our students and Bucks success.

Playing for the county offers a great opportunity for the whole team because it creates the chance of exposure to participating in games in the wider rugby community; there are eight 8 county games scheduled. Also, the players will be in the sights of selectors wishing to build a training squad for the SW England team. From there, selection for the England counties squad is a real possibility.

Many thanks go to Allen Lewis, father of Freddie Lewis, for this report on the match.


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