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English Yr 11 Theatre Trip

English Yr 11 Theatre Trip

On Friday 28th September, 67 GCSE Literature students took a coach to South Hill Park, Bracknell, to see a theatre production of the Arthur Conan Doyle novel, The Sign of the Four.

Staff embarked on the organisation of this theatre trip with some trepidation: it’s tricky to gauge commitment for visits this early in the school year and the theatre company was unknown, so there was a risk on the quality of the adaptation. The enthusiasm of the GMS students meant the number registering an interest in going was double the number of tickets originally reserved. Thankfully, not too many schools go to the theatre on a Friday night so more tickets were purchased to accommodate the majority of those wishing to go.

Clearly some students were expecting a grander location than Bracknell, as staff were asked if there was to be a stop at a service station for food. Fortunately, no one wasted away during the brief coach trip.

The production didn’t disappoint in any way; the students lucky enough to be there have been well prepared for studying the text after half term. The script was true to the original text, with the dialogue containing familiar quotations from the novel. Furthermore, the theme of race and colonial rule, something that becomes evident towards the end of the novel, was made relevant for the 21st Century audience.

The students behaved impeccably; the seats were spread around the auditorium meaning we had to trust them to acquit themselves in a way that would reflect well on the school – and they did just that. Mrs Sadd, the organiser, personally took compliments from members of the public about the students’ conduct.

GMS thank all the staff, students, parents and carers who gave their support to enable this trip to be the success it turned out to be.

Catherine Sadd, Teacher of English was the lead organiser of the trip.

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