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New Year 7 Intake 2018

New Year 7 Intake 2018

A Special Report by Sixth Form Correspondent Louisa Glen-Bramley

For Year 7, this autumn has been a season of newness. Over the next 5 years, the new students will bond with their fellow classmates and get to know their teachers.The Year 7s will be facing independence, responsibility and the perilous reality that are library sessions when you haven’t read your book. The 11 year olds will be tasked with staying up to date with homework, ensuring they have all stationery that is required for each given class and, the worst of all, not burning their baked goods in Food-Tech or smoking the entire school down. Of course that is not to say, that there are not plenty of exciting adventures awaiting the new year.

New Year 7s, Evelyn Malatt, Tom Hubscher and Charlie Walker, have each found that while the transition from primary school to secondary can seem daunting, with the task of navigating a much larger environment, they are very excited to make some new friends and explore different subjects. Charlie, who has moved from St Paul’s Primary School, has found that the change in school has opened up the opportunity to meet some new people; while Tom, from Spinfield School, says that the only thing he is worried about is having “5 times the amount of homework”. The three seemed to have found their way around the school within the first week-with Evelyn only having one incident of sitting in the wrong class!

Countless school trips, including annual trips to Thorpe Park and Longridge, will give the students the opportunity to bond and build teamwork skills with their peers while, when applicable, getting appropriately wet and spending all money at the gift shops.

The Year 7s can also look forward to school productions. Past shows have included (but are not limited to) The Sunny Shopper, a modern twist on Dickens’ festive classic A Christmas Carol, Into the Woods and Oliver Twist. Christmas music concerts will also give the musically gifted students among the new year a chance to shine while those who enjoy sports will be able to try their hand at a new activity.

Each student will be facing new challenges and new opportunities in the coming year and, by this time next autumn, there will be a whole other wave of experiences to look forward to.

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