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Medals Galore for GMSBC

Medals Galore for GMSBC

Great Marlow Four wins Gold for England.

Four rowers from GMSBC were selected as the Coxless Four for the England team at the Home Countries Regatta in Cork, Ireland. Oliver Peace, Oliver Emmett-Bird, Josh McKensie and Jamie-Jack Westfold also made up the stern four of the England Eight at this regatta.The other half of the Eight came via the GB final trials selection and was comprised of two boys from Eton, and rowers from Kings Wimbledon, Kings Chester, and Hinksey.

In their first training session, after a few time trials, it became fairly clear that putting the four GMS boys at the stern was giving the fastest results. In fact the cox became very excited by the speeds being recorded on his coxbox, meaning the crew had bonded well; they all went to Cork excited by their prospects.

Their first race in the Four, proved a tough one, with Scotland going off fast to the 1000m mark, where they had a ¾ length lead. The GMS crew began to pull through to establish a ½ length lead with 500m to go. Although Scotland tried to stage a comeback, the boys held them off to win Gold by ¼ length.

Gold for the Eights

In the Eights race for England squad the GMS boys were in the team that closed the gap over their rivals in the last 1000m, it was so exciting when the Eight team steadily pulled ahead of the field to win Gold by 10 seconds at the finish.

Our girls and boys are making a name for themselves and the school in the rowing fraternity. GMS thank the students for being so determined to win and the staff for giving of their time to make a difference.

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