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PGL 2018

PGL 2018

The PGL trip was an outstanding success and the 180 students who went thoroughly enjoyed it. The PGL staff complimented the GMS students on their behaviour and enthusiasm.

Mr Ross said, “Personally, I was so proud of the positive attitude shown by the students attempting the activities and also the humour shown by them.

The only thing that some students lacked was the ability to sleep. We finally settled the last dorm at 2am on Saturday morning. Although Saturday evening they were strangely more quiet and by midnight everyone was asleep, at least I think so!”

One of the highlights for Mr Ross was the way the students organised activities for themselves in their evening free time. By choosing and participating in their own choice of games it meant students were excited for the evening to commence, because it was a time when they could enjoy each other’s company in welcome downtime.

Parents and carers were kept abreast of events via Twitter. Mr Ross has mastered a new skill: he says he was a bit slow at typing, one student offered help, “Let me type, this is painful to watch” , but he was ignored!

Without all the willing staff, who gave up their weekend, or parts of it, this trip could never have happened, so to everyone involved many, many thanks.  All the staff worked together to create a great team spirit, which means the job load was shared and became less onerous. Mr Ross wishes all the staff to know how appreciative he is and, just as importantly, how grateful the students are.

GMS thank all the parents and carers for the prompt pick up of their children at the correct time. This meant staff could all go home and relax before the onslaught of Monday. Also appreciated are the many kind emails received.

So, all in all, a very successful PGL 2018 and a great way for Year 9 to end their KS3.

Already some Year 8s are looking forward to next year, which is already booked. Details will be given early September.

Thanks again to everyone for making this such a memorable experience.


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