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BIG BANG Bucks Fair: Science

BIG BANG Bucks Fair: Science

As a reward for their hard-work, enthusiasm and commitment to science, Great Marlow School took 15 Year 7 and 8 students to TheBigBang@Bucks fair.

Upon arrival, we headed straight to the Science Fair where we found a number of stalls ranging from the RAF to the Woodland Trust and everything in between.

The students learnt a variety of facts, “which were interesting and informative” (Sulaiman Shah) and gained an insight into the possibilities of studying and joining STEM based clubs to help with future careers. The students also attended two science shows, ‘The Sound of Science’ and ‘Rocket Fuel Cars’. An important feature of the day was learning about sound: what sound is and how it travels. There was a fantastic set of demonstrations on show to explain how exciting and useful sound can be for communication and enjoyment.

In the Rocket Fuel Car show, students were allowed hands on experience in building cars to streamline them, make them an optimum weight, to be able to reduce friction, while making the vehicles look cool!

One student said, “From this really fun day, the thing I enjoyed the most was the construction of the rocket fuel car and seeing which one would go the furthest!” Of course, the boys from Great Marlow won our round.

All who attended the trip truly represented Great Marlow School perfectly, showing engagement and enthusiasm from beginning to end.
Mr K Shea and Miss Bawden would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for making the STEM day so enjoyable.
We will surely return next year to participate in such a fantastically educational day away from the classroom!

BIG BANG Bucks Fair: Science

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