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From Louisa Glen Bramley: Sixth Form Correspondent

From Louisa Glen Bramley: Sixth Form Correspondent

On Friday 15th June, the new Head Boy and Head Girl for Great Marlow School were announced. Congratulations go to Kyran Townsend and Molly Holdsworth, who will each take on their new roles in the remaining months of this academic year, and remain in post until the Year 13 exams, in June of next year.

When asked why she went for the role in the first place, Molly said that she was, “intrigued to apply since Year 7 as [she] saw it as a good opportunity for later in life”. However, it was not only later in life plans that spurred the new Head Girl on, she added, “ I also like the fact it would help me personally by improving my confidence”. Molly believes the public speaking parts of her role, along with” integrating with new people”, will enable her to boost her confidence to a higher level.

Students should also note that Molly is very keen on the Sixth Form canteen’s sausage rolls and will be implementing a sausage roll-only diet commencing in September. (However, this could just be rumour!)

Meanwhile, Kyran stated, “I applied because I’ve always wanted to challenge myself and put myself in positions of leadership” And, for those wondering, he prefers the classic chicken burger for his lunchtime snack.

Mr Hollyman expects Molly and Kyran to not only input into the various roles and responsibilities that are an essential part of the Senior Prefect Team’s remit, but to put their own ideas, mentioned in their separate initial interviews, into action.  Kyran Townsend, the new Head Boy, has displayed a particular interest in promoting good mental health among the student body and, along with Molly Holdsworth, is hoping to implement a new committee dedicated to improving student’s mental wellbeing, while “raising awareness of mental illness”. The Head Boy is hoping to enrol the Senior Prefect team on a “mental awareness course”  so that they can offer themselves “to help the students in our school”. Kyran went on to say that he is currently in contact with Smile Inside: a charity that works with schools in the area.

Unfortunately, due to Year 12’s week of work experience (spanning from 2nd July to 6th July), the Head Boy and Head Girl were unable to speak, at what would have been their first duties, on Year 6 Induction Day. However Kyran and Molly are set to be speaking at the Celebration of Success evening on 14th July. While Molly doesn’t want to give too much away regarding her speech, she is looking forward to being able to “congratulate the students who received an invitation”  as well as introducing herself and Kyran to the rest of the school, parents and carers. The Head Boy also plans on congratulating all the students  “on all their hard work this year…that this achievement isn’t a one year thing and that it acts as a huge statement”.

While the Head Boy and Head Girl will be leading the show, the senior prefect team are set to shine in their supporting roles throughout the upcoming year. An estimated 34 prefects, a similar number to that of last year, have been selected by Mr Hollyman and Miss Jones, out of the year group of 100 students, to take on roles including involvement in Year 7 tutor group sessions, assemblies, the running of school council and primary school liaisons. Mr Hollyman has said that he hopes that students will “take some ownership and responsibility for the projects that they select”.  Molly Holdsworth, currently studying English, Business and Psychology, commented that she is “very excited to try and make a positive change to the school”, which will involve the Head Boy and Girl trying to “work together as a team and distribute the roles so that [they] are able to make a difference”.  Kyran, studying Media, Statistics and Sports Science (the last being a subject he’s hoping to take onto university), says he’d like the senior prefects to “take part in leading assemblies and going round tutor groups’, going on to say that he believes that prefects should be there “to lead by example and play an active role by being seen throughout the school”.

The whole team are hoping to come together to delegate all the roles and responsibilities, which includes supporting the Year 11 prefects, perhaps keeping them in check too, at times. With team work being a key element to this year’s Senior Prefect Team, each role will be integral in improving the school’s inclusivity and community.  One way Kyran Townsend hopes to do this is through encouraging the breakdown of gender stereotypes-particularly in sports (an area he enjoys as a hobby and school subject). The Head Boy looks forward to forming girls’ football and rugby teams to play alongside the boys’ ones.

Overall, after speaking to each student, this sixth former can confirm that both Molly and Kyran will be hard working, dedicated and motivated in their roles: it’s set to be a great year!

From the Sixth Form Correspondent – Louisa Glen Bramley



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