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Library Book Fair

Library Book Fair

On Tuesday 15th May for 1 week there will be a book fair in the library. It is always a good idea to bring together a selection of books to target your audience. The students of Great Marlow follow the Accelerated Reader programme in Yr 7/8. The scheme is there to act as a framework to inspire a love of stories. For that is what books are, stories to thrill, amaze and learn from.

Old African Proverb

“When an old man dies, a library burns to the ground ”

Old women as well !

Books will be prices from £2.99 – £9.99, available before school, 8am to 8-35am, break and after school. The opportunity to view a few of the most current books available can also be used to pick up a few tips, visit your local library perhaps.

Books can also be paid for by calling 0333 305 2963 School Customer number 15000755.

Forms and advice available in the library from Annette Fisher, Librarian

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