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My Personal Best

My Personal Best

In GMS the My Personal Best project has been running all year, it is an initiative that nurtures students into being confident, rounded individuals in school and beyond. Now, it has entered the summer phase promoting resourcefulness and reflection. This whole school project has promoted leadership expertise: an important life skill that ultimately enhances the employability of our GMS students.

The vital character traits such as empathy, teamwork, resilience and leadership have been introduced and fostered with great success. Positive engagement, even in subjects that students do not necessarily engage in, has led to an understanding that individuals have different strengths. It is in valuing the strengths and opinions of others, while keeping true to one’s own beliefs that develops the important ability to empathise. Widening the viewpoint of students encourages greater responsibility, confidence and ability to lead.
This term the GMS staff and students focus on Reflection and Resourcefulness, to complete the six elements of the project: Resiliance, Responsibility, Readiness, Respect, Reflection and Resourcefulness. All of these are important for continued success. This term’s focus on reflection will lead to an understanding of what went well and what could have made the situation better, both are important developmental traits. Resourcefulness is about finding pathways to success, even when barriers seem insurmountable, again a great life skill.
GMS thank Mr Clarke for leading on this and all the staff for demonstrably adopting these traits to show the students how, in adopting them, successes, decisions and hurdles are a way to make progress both in school and beyond.


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