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Bronze Award DofE

Bronze Award DofE

The Duke of Edinburgh Award GMS coordinator, Mrs Murray, is urging all students who have started a DofE to complete it, even if there has been a time lapse. This award is highly valued because it requires a long term commitment from young people, part of that commitment, of course, is finishing what has been started. Helen Murray coordinates all levels of the award and constantly encourages everyone who signs up to complete the course, because it is wonderful to receive the certificate and badge.

Indeed, many students who have not completed their Bronze award just have a few details to add to their eDofE account; maybe they just have to chase an outstanding assessor’s report. Very often, it takes only a little time and little effort to complete the paperwork: maybe there is just one module to complete. Commitment and  endurance pay off for the reward of certificate and badge is well worth the effort.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is internationally recognised as a youth development programme. It is highly valued because the young people who participate are identified as characters with commitment, endurance, teamwork skills and communication skills. These traits are regarded highly by potential employers and when applying to colleges, universities, apprenticeships and the work-place

Parents and carers are asked to encourage their children to log in to their DofE account and submit the outstanding pieces of evidence. If students experience any problems with this, they must go and see Mrs Murray in the PE office.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

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