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A Haul of Medals for Rebecca Hayward

A Haul of Medals for Rebecca Hayward

A haul of medals have been won by Rebecca Hayward at the Berks and South Bucks County Swimming Championships held on 13/14thJanuary and 27/28th January. This is truly a success to celebrate: an incredible swimming achievement.

 She was awarded 8 Gold Medals in:
  • 800m Freestyle
  • 200m Butterfly
  • 100m Butterfly
  • 50m Backstroke
  • 100m Backstroke
  • 200m Backstroke
  • 400m Individual Medley
  • 200m Individual Medley

She came in second to earn a further 3 Silver Medals in

  • 50m Butterfly
  • 100m Freestyle
  • 4 x 100 Medley Relay team (swimming the backstroke leg)
 Finally, 1 Bronze Medal in
  • 200m Freestyle

Overall, she is ranked 2nd  in the ‘Top Girl Award’ according to the ‘points based score’ achieved throughout the competition.

Her best stroke is back stroke and her performance times have led her to be ranked as National Number 1 in her age group for the events with distances of 50m and 200m. In the 100m she is ranked ‘Number 2’ but this could change, of course.


The very proud and delighted family say she deserves every one of the medals, because she has worked with phenomenal commitment, and incredibly hard, to improve her stamina and perfect her style.
Equally, GMS are incredibly proud that she has excelled in her field of sport. Well done, Rebecca.

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