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Child Safety Online Document

Child Safety Online Document

GMS is committed to doing all in its power to educate its students on the dangers of being online. In this endeavour, the school works with parents, carers and outside agencies to keep abreast of the changes to online activity.

The GMS website states, “The internet is a wonderful resource for students because information is easily accessible. They can use it to research; to communicate, and to play interactive games. However, it is important that students are conscious that information shared on the internet leaves a permanent footprint. Moreover, when communicating, all users have to remember that the true identity of the person with whom they are communicating may not be who they say they are.” This advice holds true.

Yet, social networking remains hugely popular. Many of our young people are sophisticated in the way they use social media apps and websites, tailoring their communication for different audiences, and accessing them from a range of devices including smartphones, tablets, and games consoles.

Attached is “A practical guide for parents and carers whose children are using social media” that highlights the risks and ways to mitigate those risks. A set of useful links are listed at the base of the leaflet.

GMS urge parents, carers and students to be vigilant, thereby ensuring safe internet use. Please click on the link below.

Social Media Guidance

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